President's Message

We believe that our company’s sustainable growth relies on our consistency in creating value that our society needs. Improving the capabilities and initiatives of our company will contribute and provide solutions for many social adversaries that our community will face.

Establishing steady growth is achieved by strengthening the ability to generate new value with business partners and clients in the UAE.

Sheikh Mohamed Bin Ahmed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan

Who We Are.

First Royal Group is the leading provider of building materials with top-notch services that include transporting and trading of a wide range of construction materials and products in the UAE. Headquarted in Abu Dhabi, we have different branches spread across all the seven Emirates to provide our diverse services in the country.

Our clients in the UAE are quaranteed to receive high quality products and services from the leading manufactures of the world. In addition, they recieve our products and services on time because of our cutting edge storage facilities that hold a broad range of high quality products that will match our clients needs.


  • To be an essential part of our client’s everyday construction needs.


  • To efficiently solve the problems of our clients.
  • To provide top-notch services.
  • To enrich our society by enhancing our business processes.

Core Values

  • Compassion
  • Accountability
  • Leadership
  • Innovation

Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

The world of tommorow will inherit the children of today. We observe integrity, honesty, truthfulness, and the best practices in our daily operations to make First Royal Group a socially and enviromentally responsible company.

Aggregates & Transportation

First Royal Group is one of the most reliable and trustworthy companies in the country and we have made a long list of highly satisfied customers because of our services. We provide customizable, cost-effective, and flexible solutions for all types of businesses. Our highly skilled workforce, state-of-the-art technology, and transparent process are the components of our first class services, making First Royal Group one of the leading and most respected transporting companies in the UAE.

• Aggregate Supply
• Lime Stone & Gabbro Material
• Dune Sand – Normal & Washed
• Road Base & Sub Base
• Earth Works Road Works
• Decorative Crushed Stones
• Back Filling – Gutch Material
• Concrete Supply Paving Works

Building Materials & Trading

Our company strives to provide our clients premium construction brands and a remarkable customer experience. We focus on making wholesale purchases, retailing, and distribution of an extensive range of international construction brands. Moreover, we place our customers at the heart of our business and we work hard for our transactions to be consistent in terms of quality. We hold a broad spectrum of construction and building materials such as cement, hollow bricks, interlocks, aggregates, wood, sand, sanitary wares, plumbing, and a wide variety of electrical items for all kinds of application and uses. First Royal Group ensures that our clients will be able to receive the appropriate products and materials they need through the combined knowledge of our engineers and staff who will advise them regarding simple to complex orders.

Tyre & Spare Parts

With decades of experience in the automotive industry, First Royal Group heads one of the largest distributions of first-class tyres that suit the needs of passenger cars, trucks, and agricultural and industrial vehicles. We are one of the largest traders of tyres, spare parts, and lubricants in the country, holding a wide spectrum of exclusive brands that will cover all price points.

• Passenger Car Tyre (PCR)

• Light Truck Radial Tyre (LTR)

• Truck and Bus Radial Tyre (TBR)

• Off the Road Tyre (OTR)

• Truck & Bus Bias Tyre (TBB)

• Agricultural Tyres

• Industrial Tyres

• Earthmovers & Mining Tyres

We strive to match the needs of the ever-changing automotive industry by delivering outstanding customer service along with the most comprehensive product range in the industry. In addition, we continue to maintain a strong, long-term relationship with our business partners, manufacturers, and clients. Keeping all these in mind, we ensure that our company only delivers services of the highest quality.

• Heavy Vehicle Parts

• Trailer Parts

• Unit Parts

• Engine oil

Excavation & Backfilling

First Royal Group’s team has extensive, innovative ideas and value engineering methods that allow us to successfully perform a wide range of earthwork, construction, and environmental projects such as excavation, backfilling, management, and more. One should consider the soil’s composition and characteristics before using a type of construction method. Since construction techniques vary for each type of soil, our team has studied a myriad of research about soil characteristics, backfilling, and construction techniques to execute every project we oversee. Our team uses the latest top of the line earth-moving equipment such as bulldozers, crawler loaders, excavators, trenchers, etc. In addition, our extensive knowledge and experience are applied to execute our plans more accurately and efficiently. First Royal Group follows the rules, regulations, and standards of earthworks and excavation.

Earthwork services we offer include: 

• Residential foundation excavations in new subdivisions  

• Inner-city infills and acreages • Initial site grading  

• Bulk and detailed excavations for commercial sites 

• Utility trenching  

• Septic systems  

• Backfilling  

• Compaction 

• Supply of materials (granular, recycled concrete, loam)

• Demolition  

• Slab Preparation for commercial sites

• Final grading

Interior Design
Implementation Services

In order to carry out multidisciplinary community or business projects that fulfill the requirements of our clients, we provide a holistic design implementation approach, combining design, planning, and engineering.

Working closely with our clients helps our team of architects, planners, environmental scientists, and engineers to address their every need. The technical knowledge and creativity of our experts will help clients solve their challenges no matter how simple or complex they are.

We provide full-fledged services from paint color, furniture selection and placement, to lighting and decorative items. These include:

Earthwork services we offer include: 

• Windows & Doors

• Exterior Works and Structures

• Commercial Spaces

• Internal Joinery

• Soft Furnishings

• Metal Work

• Flooring

• Complete Home Makeover

Facilities Managament

We provide first-rate all-inclusive building maintenance and renovation services for our diverse clients in the UAE. The bespoke approaches we create align to our client’s building maintenance preferences and renovation requirements. We also offer one-time service and a permanent on-site presence that will both provide preventive maintenance tasks and other essentials. 

First Royal Group’s management and maintenance solutions include: 

• Landscaping 

• General Home Maintenance 

• Building Repairs & Alterations 


• Cleaning Services 

• Electrical Services 

• Low current & ELV Systems 

• Plumbing & Drainage Systems 

• Swimming Pool & Tank Services 

• Hospitality Services 

• Disinfection Services 

• Pest Control – Internal and External 

• Concierge 

• Masonry and Carpentry 

• Painting and Decorating 

• Security 

• Energy & Asset Management Systems 


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